31 Army Cadet Unit

31 Army Cadet Unit is a member of the Australian Defence Force Cadets youth development organisation. Members of 31 ACU have the opportunity to conduct training and activities in a military based setting for youth between the ages of 12 1/2 & 19 years of age.

31 Army Cadet Unit recently celebrated its 40th Anniversary, and is proud of its colourful history and what it represents.

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31 Army Cadet Unit

A Brief History of 31 ACU - Norwood


1972 – An Idea

3 students – Michael Irving, Mark Venables and Darren Whitehead – Proposed the idea of a Cadet Unit to Norwood High School Principle, Lionel Waterson.


1974 – It’s Official!

3 Cadet Battalion formally approved the raising of a school cadet unit at Norwood High School.


1974 – Recognition

Recognition is given to the officers and staff of the cadet units of Melbourne High School, Camberwell Grammar School and St Joseph’s College for their support and assistance for NCO and CUO training which was vital in the development of the Unit in its early years.


1976 – Restructure

In 1976 the Australian Army Cadet a corps was re-structured. School cadet units which were once considered the elitist, were being disbanded. Norwood Cadet Unit never officially disbanded but instead was renamed and re-designated as 31 Regional Cadet Unit.


1976 – Unit Diversity

Lt. Anne Beasley was appointed the Unit’s first female Officer of Cadets, permitting female cadets to be recruited into the unit.


1982 – Relocation

31 Regional Cadet Unit relocated from Norwood High School to 4 Combat Engineer Regiment on Dublin Road, Ringwood East.


1988 – Capt. J Irving Retires

Capt. John Irving retired from 31 Army Cadet Unit and as Commanding Officer in 1988, and was succeeded by Maj. Richard Gough who had previously served as Quartermaster since joining the Unit in 1978.

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Australian Army Cadets

The Australian Army cadets is a community-based youth organisation that focuses on the Australian Defence customs, traditions and values. When you become a cadet you will have the opportunity to participate in activities and training that not many other people will do in everyday life.

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How you can get involved

There are many ways for you to become involved with the Australian Army Cadets. Click on the three images below to learn more about the different entry methods into the Australian Army Cadets, and how you can join!